The World’s First
Verified Regenerative Sourcing Solution


for meat, dairy, wool and leather

Our Ecological Outcome Verification gives the land a voice of its own.

EOV data is captured at the farm, then trended for positive outcomes across key land health criteria.


Soil Health

Healthy soils absorb more carbon, retain more water, are richer in microbiota, and produce more nutritious foods.



Plants are more varied and resilient, wild and domestic animals are more plentiful, and soils are higher in microbiological content.


Ecosystem Function

Water, sunlight, decaying matter, and minerals are cycled through a regenerative process of birth, growth, death and decay, and back to birth again.

The Savory Network Scales the Solution

Our regional Hub Network is equipped to train and monitor for positive ecological outcomes on thousands of farms and ranches around the world. Once verified, these producers join the regenerative supplier roster.

Together we can share the regenerative story

It’s a story that tells itself. Successful farms growing healthy products on regenerating land.

The Story of Meat

The Story of Wool

The Story of Dairy

The Story of Leather

Our Frontier Founders

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Join us as we create the future of food and fiber together.

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