Land to Market Program

Empowering people to make informed food and clothing purchases while healing the environment. Our new Land to Market (L2M) program is a grassroots and collaborative program that will enable consumers to identify food and fashion items derived from livestock managed through practices verified to enhance water, soil, and climate.

Land to Market Stories

Last year we released four documentary episodes to help draw attention to the incredibly powerful results of a global network of agricultural producers practicing Holistic Management. These stories, captured in collaboration with ground-breaking food and fashion brands, are authentic examples of success and the desired change that is igniting a consumer revolution.

Land to Market Program

Why do we need L2M?

For many years agriculture, the production of food and fiber, has resulted in the massive degradation of billions of acres of land worldwide. Now, the same industry has been acknowledged as having the unique ability to sequester carbon through proper management, and improve soil. This is a viable and promising global solution to climate change.

Grasslands occupy 30% of the world’s land surface. Its deep soils have the capacity to store large amounts of carbon. But grasslands are degrading at an alarming rate. Loss of grasslands leads not only to climate change, but to floods, droughts, famine, and worldwide poverty.

What if when you shopped, you knew which products were positively impacting soil, water, climate change, and wildlife habitat as a result of how the land and livestock were managed for their production?

What is the solution?

All the tools exist to resolve this. Changing the story of what we eat and what we wear can change the story of soil, water, and air.

The holistic management  of grasslands and livestock has been proven as key to restoring land, boosting soil fertility, mitigating floods, enhancing drought resilience, and sequestering carbon.  The 1 billion people that live on and derive livelihoods from grasslands and livestock can increase their wellbeing in the process of saving the planet.

Savory’s contribution to the solution is a program that ignites a revolution in the food and fiber production model;  one that removes market barriers, facilitates land regeneration, differentiates producers and their products, and provides sourcing solutions for conscientious brands.  This program must also build awareness and provide transparency for the consumer to empower them in their purchasing decisions.  The Land to Market (L2M) program meets these needs and is the accelerator for a shift towards a regenerative model.


For the last three years the scientific backbone behind Land to Market (L2M) has been developed with top ecologists and researchers from around the world. The program is currently being prototyped and tested with our partners to work with supply chains in the sectors of meat, dairy, wool, and leather. The shared vision of this multi-stakeholder food and fashion group is to finalize a program that is:

  • Results-based
  • Founded on robust empirical data
  • Affordable across the spectrum of participants
  • Minimizes bureaucracy
  • Provides ground-breaking changes in the way products are sourced
  • Serves the consumers’ interests

When the prototyping for this innovative collaboration is complete, we will launch this program globally with producers and business partners on multiple continents sourcing their meat, dairy, wool and leather from producers who are going beyond sustainability and actually regenerating their land to a thriving state!

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For decades, ranchers and farmers, utilizing the practices of Holistic Management, developed by our founder Allan Savory, have  monitored and measured their land’s health regularly. This ecological monitoring helped land-managers make informed decisions to reach the environmental regeneration vision they had for their land and to realize the quality of life goals they set for themselves.

This ecological monitoring methodology has been taken to a new level of scientific rigor for L2M by working and collaborating with scientists and research institutions. These partners understand the importance of informed changes in land management practices for climate, water, and food security, and for the ecological integrity of grasslands worldwide.

This ecological outcome verification methodology is based on the key concepts and indicators of health and effectiveness surrounding holistic management’s ecosystem processes.

How It Works

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We invite you to join in this consumer revolution. It’s people just like you who that will make this program a reality.

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